ENERPEDIA is the expert encyclopaedia for the European energy industry.

Conceived as a professional energy portal, ENERPEDIA is aimed at experts from across the energy spectrum from bio energy to wind energy.

What is different about ENERPEDIA?

What is different about ENERPEDIA?

The basic thought behind ENERPEDIA is: EUROPE FIRST!

ENERPEDIA promotes business within the European energy industry.

ENERPEDIA is not affiliated with any corporation or firm, therefore ENERPEDIA is non-baised.

What advantages does ENERPEDIA offer?

What advantages does ENERPEDIA offer?

Energy is your business.

Performance is power over time.

Time is precious.

ENERPEDIA saves time and money.


The main advantages of ENERPEDIA:

Timesaving for you as a Manager - because comprehensive market information is available at the touch of a button

Helpful for your new staff - because in a short period of time essential concepts can be learned.

Lucrative for your company - because high costs for outdated and peripherally used compilations can be avoided.

Your advertisement on ENERPEDIA

Your advertisement on ENERPEDIA

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A maximum of 3 banners per side can be inserted to maintain a high standard of exposure. You can select between a single placement and a group placement according to energy type or segment.

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